'Awareness', 'Consciousness' and the 'Unconscious'

What we ordinarily call 'consciousness' is focal awareness, awareness in its local or bounded character as awareness 'of' something.

Awareness, on the other hand, can be understood as 'field consciousness' - consciousnes in its non-local unbounded and universal character.

In essence, what Freud called the ‘unconscious’ (ucs) is  actually awareness, i.e. consciousness in its universal character or the 'Universal Consciousness' (UCS).

The ‘ego’ or ‘conscious’ mind, on the other hand, is not more but less conscious than this ‘unconscious’ - it is a contraction of the Universal Consciousness within the Universal Consciousness.

Hence the Universal Consciousness - unconsciously to the ego - constantly seeks ways to express all that escapes the contracted awareness of ego-consciousness.
The Universal Consciousness is not awareness of things but awareness as such. It is not ‘yours’ or ‘mine’ but the essence of the Divine, a consciousness universal and unbounded.  

‘God’ is not a supreme being ‘with’ consciousness, nor does any person or being ‘have’ or ‘possess’ consciousness as its private property. Instead God is consciousness.

All individual beings and persons are bounded portions, expressions and personifications of the Universal Consciousness that is God.

The bodily boundaries of individual consciousness no more separate it from the Universal Consciousness than does the skin of a fish separate it from the ocean.

Our own skin is a permeable boundary, one that does not separate us from the air around us but unites us with it - breathing that air. Were our skin a sealed boundary we would die from lack of air.

Many people speak of consciously ‘creating’ their reality. In truth it is their ‘unconscious’ in the Freudian sense that ‘creates’ their reality - constantly seeking ways to express all that escapes the contracted awareness of their ‘conscious’ mind, and doing so in ways the conscious ego remains unaware of.
In essence however, what is called the‘unconscious’ (ucs) is the Universal Consciousness (UCS).

The ‘ego’ or ‘conscious’ mind, on the other hand, is not more but less conscious than this ‘unconscious’ - it is a contraction of the Universal Consciousness within the Universal Consciousness.

The Universal Consciousness has the innate power or capacity to give form to itself - manifest, individualise and personify itself in infinite potential forms. Thus it not only transcends and surrounds but pervades all its manifestations – all beings.

The Universal Consciousness is truly transcendent and immanent – surrounding and pervading all things.

Everything actual is a form taken by the Universal Consciousness within the Universal Consciousness. There can be nothing outside the Universal Consciousness as there can be nothing ‘outside’ space or ‘before’ time.

“We are inside God.” Jane Roberts. Everything exists within the Universal Consciousness – within God.

Being inseparable from the The Universal Consciousness as a whole every being is that Consciousness as a whole, is ‘God’.

Being a distinct portion of The Universal Consciousness as a whole everything is at the same time a unique expression of it - ‘a god’.

God is not a person. Yet all persons are both God and gods – being both portions of the Universal Consciousness as a whole, and individualised personifications of it.

God, though not a person, is thus a ‘multiperson’ – every person being a personification or face (persona) of the Universal Consciousness.

The Universal Consciousness is no mere ‘state’ of ‘cosmic consciousness’ to be evolved by or attained by individual human beings. It is the divine source and innermost nature of all  beings, all individualised consciousness.

As individualised consciousnesses we experience ourselves as bodies ‘in’ space. In contrast, the Universal Consciousness experiences itself in the same way that space might experience both itself and the bodies in it – as that which both surrounds and pervades them.

If we can identify with the entire space around us, and experience our own bodies as it does, as within it and not just ‘in’ it, we are identifying with the Universal Consciousness.

Space and time as such are the primary expression of the Universal Consciousness in our space-time reality.

The Universal Consciousness is an infinite ‘time-space’ or ‘time-sphere’ of awareness embracing all realities – past, present and future, actual and potential.
Ordinary consciousness is a narrow, focussed awareness, like a torchlight in a dark room. The Universal Consciousness is like light pervading space in a lightened room or sunny day.


·         Light manifests the light of the Universal Consciousness – the Light of Awareness.

·         Space manifests the universal field and aether  of the Universal Consciousness.

·         Air is a manifestation of the immanent vitality of the Universal Consciousness.

·         Water is a manifestation of the oceanic fluidity of the Universal Consciousness.

·         Fire manifests the transformative power of the Universal Consciousness.

·         Earth and other planets are materialised planes of the Universal Consciousness.

·         Bodies are all embodiments of the Universal Consciousness.

·         Suns are radiant centres of the Universal Consciousness.


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  1. I totally agree with all this , like you read my mind. Im at the point where im looking at my physical self from the perspective of my surroundings. Everything is alive and is you as much as you are you. It all takes imagination and a letting go of expectations, and only then everything is in relation to each other. No one part is more important than another. The universe compliments itself by an apparent separation. Its not what we physicaly see with the eyes but what we see with the heart. The first connection to open all energies and to allow universal power to flow , is to ground yourself with the earth. Everything literally everything came from the earth. The earth is alive living infinite being, which receives energy and support from the sun. The sun is also alive and intelligent. Earth is heart literally, same letters, the heart is the nurturing aspect of female energy. The sun is male aspect sending light and support penetrating the fertile earth. It's like everything is the fetus in the womb of the earth constantly taking energy from its mother, which is sent by our father the sun. Like an actual pregnant woman , theres an exchange of energy . The baby uses the moms energy literally taken from the sun because everything is energized by the sun.the actual pregnant woman knows its life force is being used but theres an unconscious exchange of love from baby to mom. Just because the baby is inside her, its unconditional love. Mankind takes energy from the earth destroying slowly what is keeping us alive, but the earth knows better and loves us no matter what. Earthquakes and hurricanes and all natural disasters arent caused purposely but just like the baby in a woman, causes discomfort, pain , anxiety, depression, its caused because the baby is moving around and getting ready to come out. The baby is dreaming inside the womb, like we are dreaming now. Once awareness is seen from all perspectives one realizes theres no just one unifying theory. Every truth believed is a connection to the next truth. Truth sees the beauty in duality , truth is beyond a shadow of a doubt. This reality is just a projection of our current awareness, what scientists call hard facts and proof is just another level of truth. The beauty is that truth resides in everything no matter what. Everything said seen heard felt , lies. Conspiracies, is all done unconsciously, to me unconsciousness, is just not knowing who we are as infinite beings. Even not knowing who we are, our behavior is on a lower level of truth. Truth penatrates on both sides. So every unconscious act to me is an innocent doing . Innocense, is god at its purest. God is in no sense. Thats why this reality doesnt make sense going to even quantum mechanics, and infinite space of galaxies and stars. We are right in the middle. No beginning, no end , just middle. Infinite center. Everything is happening right now even before big bang, before big bang is just unconsciousness of ones self, contracted consciousness, of individuality. Time doesnt go forward or backwards, space just represents the spiritual disconnection of source, which never happened. Just look at yourself from every angle possible , through the eyes of other people or any object . Imagination is key, your only limit is the limits you imagine! !!!