First Principles of 'The Awareness Principle'


1.      The 1st Principle’ of ‘The Awareness Principle’ is that Awareness itself – and not matter, energy or any thing or universe of things we are aware of - IS the 1st Principle of the universe, being that alone which truly 'is' and the essential nature of reality.  

     For just as dreaming as such cannot be reduced to an 'effect or result of anything we dream of, nor can awareness as such be reduced to the product or property of any thing or being it is aware of - whether the body or brain, matter or energy, human beings or a supreme being.
2.      Awareness is instead the ‘transcendental’ condition - the ‘pre-condition’ or ‘field condition’ - for our awareness of any thing or universe of things whatsoever.
3.      Awareness both embraces and transcends all that we experience or are aware of – all ‘contents’ of consciousness and all elements and dimensions of experience.  

5.      Just as empty space is both inseparable and at the same time absolutely distinct from everything in it, so is pure awareness - awareness as such - both inseparable and at the same time absolutely distinct from each and every thing it is aware of.
6.      Just as empty space embraces, permeates and transcends every object in it, so does awareness embrace, permeate and transcend everything it are aware of.
7.      Awareness of any thing is not itself a 'thing'. Thus awareness of a localised object in space is not itself a localised object in space - it is non-local and object-free.
8.      The awareness of any thought or thing, feeling or sensation - is not itself a thought or thng, feeling or sensation - and is therefore in itself innately free of thoughts and things, feelings and sensations.

9.      Everything there is an awareness of, however, also is aware - it is an awareness in its own right. Not just every other person or evert living being, but every atom or molecule, rock or plant, planet or sun is an awareness in its own right.

10. Awareness is therefore not only ‘transcendent’ but also ‘immanent’ - present within all things.  There is therefore no such 'thing' as an insentient matter, and nor  - in principle, can awareness arise from an universe of insentient things.

11. Every thing or 'being' - everything that 'is' - is  an individualised portion, expression and embodiment of a universal awareness - one that is not 'yours' or 'mine' but the very essence of the Divine.

12. All things and all worlds, all bodies and all selves, are shapes taken by awareness  within awareness - giving form to infinite potentialities of awareness.   


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