Summary 2

Is no ‘thing’.
Yet it is not ‘nothing’.
It is that which first allows us to
Be aware of any ‘Thing’ whatsoever.
Not least our own body, and
That of all other
‘Awareness’ is no
Mere abstract, intellectual concept.
For what more basic and primordial dimension of
Any being’s tangible, lived experience can there be,
If not the very awareness that they themselves are,
The primordial awareness of being,
And of the particularities of
Their own being?
If the most
Primordial experience
Of any being is awareness of Being
And of their own particularity as a being,
How then can awareness be a property of ‘Being’,
Let alone particular beings?
If awareness of our own bodies
And of a whole world of bodies in space and time
Is a no less primordial experience than awareness of
Being, then how can awareness as such be the
Property of any body - let alone a mere part
Of our own body - the brain?
Awareness is not simply something
Dwelling like a ‘soul’ within our bodies,
Let alone locked up in our heads and brains.
For in the same way that, as bodies, we dwell within space,
So also, as beings, do we dwell within awareness.
We ourselves are pervaded by awareness,
As our bodies are pervaded by space.
Awareness is no ‘thing’ we can find ‘in’ space,
Nor it is anything enclosed by our bodies or brains.
Instead awareness is the very space, inner and outer
Within which we experience all things.
To be awareness is to be the very
space, inner and outer, in which
We experience all things.
Awareness, like space,
Is that which first ‘makes room’
For all things to be - to ‘ex-ist’ or ‘stand out’
In space, and to become, in time,
All that they potentially are.
The very being of awareness
Is nothing else but awareness of being.
And yet awareness embraces more than being,
More than all beings, and more than everything that Is.
For Awareness includes awareness of ‘non-being’ too,
Which is not a void of ‘nothingness’, but a plenum or
Fullness of potentiality - transcending every
Actual thing or being, and yet immanent
Within all things and beings.
 ‘Potential’ realities, can
In principle, have reality
Only subjectively - within awareness.
They can therefore be nothing else but
Potentialities of awareness, its own limitless
Potentiality for differentiation and for
Individualisation in the form of
Actual things and beings.
Bridges and spans
That most primordial abyss
 Between non-being and being,
Potentiality and actuality,
Out of which all beings,
And all worlds
As the pre-condition
For us being aware of any
Thing or any universe of things,
As the pre-condition too, for each and every theory
We might create about the things we are aware of,
Awareness - though ‘no-thing - is, in principle
The sole possible and the sole thinkable
‘Theory of Everything’.
Awareness is also the
Sole possible concept of ‘God’,
Not a Supreme Being ‘with’ awareness,
But that Supreme Awareness that
Is the source of all beings.
The recognition that Awareness is,
In principle, the ultimate reality or 1st Principle
Underlying and pervading all realities, is
‘The Awareness Principle’.

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