Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nowhere except in The Awareness Principle will one find a new and consistently monist,  immaterialist and 'mind only' or 'consciousness only' philosophy of the sort first put forward by Bishop George Berkeley in the 18th century. The Awareness principle is also a radical new philosophy of 'panpsychism', one which does not reduce consciousness to a mere 'feature' or 'property' of all things, but instead recognises that all beings and all bodies are forms taken by and within consciousness - being expressions of a universal consciousness field that is the very essence of the divine, of 'God'. If what we call 'God' were a being, God would be merely one being among countless others - and therefore not God.  But neither is God a being that merely 'has' or possesses 'consciousness'. Instead God IS consciousness, and every being is a unique portion and expression of that divine consciousness.    

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